Privacy Policy

This site uses Facebook social plugins.  Specifically, the following social plugins are used in the following places:

  • Each blog post on this site has a Like Button and a Send Button. If you “like” a blog post, that “like” will be recorded in Facebook’s database and it may appear as one of the “likes” on your Facebook timeline.  When you like a blog post on this site, you will be given the option to post a link to that blog post on your Facebook timeline. If you choose to post that link, then it will obviously appear on your Facebook timeline.  Additionally, when your Facebook friends view a blog post on this site that you have liked, they will be able to see that you, in particular, have liked this blog post. This information is recorded and displayed entirely by Facebook. This information is not stored in the database for this site. This site and the author of this site do not have access to your Likes (unless you happen to Facebook friends with the author).
  • There is a Facebook Like Box in the navigation column of this site. The Like Box works much like the Like buttons on each blog post, except that when you click “Like” on the like box, what you are actually liking is the Facebook page for this blog: These likes will also probably show up in the likes section of your Facebook timeline, and your Facebook friends will also be able to see that you, in particular, liked this Facebook page. Also, the author of this site runs the Facebook page for this site, and consequently has access to see the complete list of people who have liked the Facebook page. This is different than the behavior for likes on individual blog posts.
  • The comments section on each blog post is powered by the Facebook Comments plugin. All comments are recorded in Facebook’s database. They are also backed up in the database of this site so that if the author decides to disable the Facebook-style comments at some point in the future, then the content of your comments will not be lost.  Additionally, the comments you post on this site are indexible by search engines and, consequently, they may effect search results in search engines. Your Facebook username, a link to your Facebook profile, the time of the comment, and the content of your comment is what gets recorded in the database for this site and that is also what is visible to and indexible by search engines. When you post a comment on this site, you can choose whether or not to leave the “Post to Facebook” checkbox checked or not. If you leave it checked, your comment will get posted to your Facebook timeline. If you don’t, it won’t. Think about this before you comment. Once you comment, you can’t un-post to Facebook (though you can delete the comment or hide it from your Timeline).

In addition to the above social plugins, the Contact page of this site gives you the option of sending a Facebook message or an email to the author of this site. If you choose either of these options, then the author will receive the message you send. If you send a message through Facebook, then the author will also get a link to the Facebook profile of the account you use to send the message.

No user-identifying information that you submit to this site will be sold to anyone without your explicit permission.

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